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  • Steel & Steel Thermally Broken including Bronze, Stainless Steel, & CoreTen
  • Wood & Wood Clad- Multiple Wood Species
  • Specialty Doors-Folding Doors, Lift & Slide Doors, Multi Slide, Pivot Doors, Swinging
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Euroline Steel Windows

Euroline - Associated Building Supply

Steel Windows & Doors

Euroline Steel Windows & Doors® are an ideal solution for Architects, Designers, and Homeowners who want a clean look for a custom design project. The low profile frames on our doors and windows are both unique and beautiful. Clean simplicity is the ideal solution for a variety of architectural styles, from modern and contemporary, to classic and Mediterranean. Low sight lines enhance natural light and deliver the beauty of the outdoors throughout the living space. Our clean lines and ultra-thin profiles cannot be imitated. Architects and Designers from all over the world are partnering with us to deliver breathtaking beauty to an endless variety of upscale homes and businesses. We know the fine art of blending materials and bending light. We understand the demands of construction schedules and the importance of meeting and exceeding expectations.

Eurloine002All Euroline Steel Windows & Doors® are lovingly hand-crafted in the United States by our own artisans. Great results require a great partnership and Euroline Steel Windows & Doors® is proud to partner with Associated Building Supply, Inc. For many years we have teamed seamlessly for unique and stunning projects, both large and small. Let us help you explore the possibilities of making your next project something spectacular. Yes, we can do that.

We’ve been manufacturing steel doors andeuroline 5 windows for decades, and have been fine tuning our Euroline Steel Windows and Steel Doors to present a timeless product with endless applications of style and beauty. Amazing style and elegance is achieved when less gives you more. We truly believe we have forged a precise balance between the finest lines of steel and the most beautiful sheets of glass.

euroline 6As thousands of our homeowner clients can testify, each Euroline Steel Window and Steel door is built to perfection. No item leaves our factory without a quality stamp of approval which always ensures your complete satisfaction.

Whether you are near or far, we will make your steel windows and doors with as much care and precision as if they were for our own homes. Our quality control staff is very detailed and will ensure that we deliver a steady high quality product one window and one door at a time.

Euroline Steel Windows & Doors® - "Making poetry out of steel, glass, and elegant imagination." See the Euroline Window Gallery. See Euroline on Houzz.

euroline 3

















Western Window Systems

Western Window System - Associated Building Supply

Since 1959, Western Window Systems has been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Whether pioneering the use of insulated glass or helping create door systems that open entire walls to the beauty of the outdoors, Western has always been a leader in the fenestration industry. Standing alone as the nation's premier window and door manufacturer, Western is a company where product choices are limitless and all options are designed specific to your lifestyle. From multi-slide pocket doors to bi-folding doors and windows, Western will build most anything to meet your design and enhance your vision for your project. All products are produced utilizing lean manufacturing techniques, and we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency to help minimize environmental impact. In the marketplace, we are renowned for our ability to manufacture massive product sizes, many over 12 feet tall. The ABSi Burlingame showroom features many 10-foot-tall door and window products. WWS BurlPrecision craftsmanship combined with the highest quality hardware ensures that no matter how large a window or door is built; it will operate smoothly for the duration of its life. While quality and capability are important, what truly defines Western is our ability to provide consumers a life without boundaries - one in which window and door systems open entire walls of your home or commercial property and beckon guests to enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. Western Window Systems (WWS) considers ABSi a valuable and reliable Dealer partner. ASBi continues to be Western Window Systems top volume dealer in the State of California. At ABSi our core values are taken seriously and WWS embraces, honors, & respects them. We couldn't have asked for a better Manufacturing partner than we have with Western Window Systems! Categorically, their products represent the best value, the best quality, and most design diversity in the Architectural Aluminum window category. Their reason for existence is simple: They want to provide products and services that improve your lifestyle and help you live better. Helping you is what drives their company. They commit to provide you the best products and the best service, not because we want to be better than the competition, but simply because you deserve nothing less. Please view the Western Window Systems Gallery.   


raynaers horizontal 250x125

Reynaers USA is a factory owned subsidiary of the family owned parent company based in Duffel, Belgium. They have been in the aluminum window business for 50 years with current revenue estimated at $500+ million/year. Reynaers currently does business in over 70 countries world wide. Operating as both a component supplier and manufacturer of fully fabricated systems, they offer a selection of 6,000 profile shapes maintained in inventory at their main Belgian warehousing operation. Reynaers USA is currently manufacturing windows and doors in their Phoenix facility and will open a second US factory in North Carolina later this year. Utilizing a selection of thermally broken profiles for the North American market along with US sourced Guardian glass, Reynaers has developed a "hybrid" window design that offers higher performance than any other aluminum window available from US based manufacturers. Two years ago, Reynaers embarked on a program to fully NFRC certify all Reynaers products available in the US market. To date, over 12,000+ tests have been completed and we expect additional results to be added as more profiles are offered. This allows dealers to both easily meet current Title 24 requirements as well as be ready for even more aggressive standards in the future.

At Reynaers Aluminum, you’ll find an aluminum profile for every project type — from classic and romantic to stark and contemporary design. We offer every desired opening type to fulfill your needs: both inward or outward opening windows, turn and tilt windows, double casement windows and much more...

Furthermore, with aluminum you choose for many years of carefree living pleasure, because it’s one of the strongest, most durable building materials and is practically maintenance-free. Reynaers emphasizes the superior quality of its systems by providing a 10 year guarantee on the window elements.

Comfort, design and safety. All Reynaers systems are available in different levels of insulation and safety. The combination of the slenderness and strength of aluminum allows for huge windows with a maximum incidence of light. As the aluminum systems can be shaped into bended structures, the designer has an almost unlimited design freedom. Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of different colors and finishes, ranging from a matt, gloss or metallic finish, to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. Even a realistic wood effect belongs to the possibilities. This choice is available for both the inside and the outside of the window, matching perfectly with the interior and exterior of your house.

Visit Reynaers on the web.



ABSi and Brombal USA join forces in 2015!

ABSi is always looking for the best product solutions categorically in the industry. Brombal manufactures a NFRC certified thermally broken steel window & door system and has very honorable core values. ABSi is proud to be representing Brombal in California as their statewide retail Dealer.  

100 2318Brombal is celebrating their 44th year as the world's largest thermally broken Steel, CorTen, Bronze, and Stainless Steel Window & Door manufacturer. Getting to the top is no easy task says the Brombal family. It takes a lifetime commitment in craftsmanship and ingenuity. By combining over 200 years of experience in transforming raw metal into estate quality fenestration systems, Brombal has discovered reliable processes that guarantee our client's satisfaction. No better compliment can be received than the request to partner with our clients on their next project. We know there are many choices on the market today. This is why we value each relationship as a unique opportunity to develop trust through educating clients on the overall value of our specialty windows and doors. We feel that informed clients make wise decisions and we welcome the comparison of our products and services to those offered by our competitors. The more research that is done, the more likely Brombal becomes the apparent choice. Choosing the correct manufacturer insures seamless integration within the design and reliable performance which will offer many years of enjoyable views. The historic Brombal located in Italy was founded in 1970 and in 2011 created a subsidiary company “Brombal USA” to service the US marketplace. 

Falls LR 3401

Our mission is twofold: to provide local representatives which help ensure the best quality of service to the large American clientele, which in recent years has rewarded us by many architects specifying and using our products. With our craftsmanship, the aid of in house of engineers and architectural concepts stemming from Italian culture, the Brombal team can adapted to the many requests and intricate designs proposed by our clients. All the while paying close attention to follow and develop projects “from initial design to completion”. Not only do we produce products as specifically requested, but unique handmade products made in Italy, that are designed to blend with the architectural style of your environment. We also can guarantee quality and warranty with our widespread network of technical advisors. With Brombal USA we have combine the experience of over forty years of Brombal fabrication which stems from the artisanal traditions of Venetian craftsmanship, blending the innovation required of the U.S. market. We are always striving to design more efficient products, which is a strong link that has always united Italy to the United States.



  • No limit to architectural creativity
  • Conceptual realization


  • Multiple base metals – Steel, CorTen, Bronze, Stainless
  • Thousands of finishes
  • Complete customizable product portfolio
  • Immense glazing fields
  • Specialty hardware
  • Accessory fabrication


  • Structural reinforcement design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Glass deflection and structural sizing
  • Wind load deflection calcs
  • Thorough materials capability studies


  • Fully integrated shop drawings


  • 45 years creating luxury artisan metalwork’s
  • Old World craftsmanship meets New World technology

Portella Steel Windows & Doors

Portella Steel Doors & Windows

Portella Steel Doors and Windows, where Precision Built Luxury Is Timeless and Old World Craftsmanship Meets Modern Innovations. Breathtaking Beauty and Breakthrough Performance.

Portella is thrilled to partner with a quality distributor as Associated Building Supply. For over 20 years, Portella has pioneered new technologies that lead the industry. With our patented, thermally broken frame system, former limitations in customization simply disappear. Our innovations open up a world of possibilities for designers, architects and the most decerned homeowners who impossible sightlines, the highest energy efficiency ratings and extreme durability with expressive elegance. Now you can achieve your ultimate vision and reimagine architecture without boundaries caused by a third party supplied frame profile. With some of the longest warranties in the steel window and door industry, you can be assured of the most highest quality materials go into your Portella Doors and Windows.

Whether choosing the most minimalist fixed window to the most elegant wine room door to a beautiful retreat oasis you call home, a professional Associated Building Supply representative will listen to your needs and offer the best fit for your project.

We offer our Artisan Series in Thermal Broken Carbon Steel Doors and Windows in a factory painted finish or one of our beautiful patina finishes. We also offer our Classic Series in Traditional Solid Carbon Steel Doors and Windows in factory painted finishes.

We also offer both series in Solid Bronze, Corten Steel and Stainless Steel option. Our Artisan Doors come standard with Multi-Point hardware and our Classic Series is standard with Mortise Locks. Both series have a solid bronze sill.

Portfolio Offerings:

  • Fixed
  • Curtain Walls
  • Awning Swing Out, Roto Crank, Motorized
  • True Hopper Swing In
  • Casement Swing Out or In, Roto Crank, Motorized
  • Swing Doors
  • Bi-Fold Doors and Windows
  • Lift and Slide Doors and Multi Slide Doors
  • Pivot Doors
  • Tilt Up Walls
  • Storefront

Residential and Commercial products.

Portella Steel Doors and Windows »

portella patio

portella landscape mid century modern

portella landscape installed french doors

portella pool

portella 31st5 683

portella portrait arch casement

portella portrait casement latch

portella portrait fixed around fireplace

portella portrait french doors w sl and trans

portella portrait sliding door opening

portella portrait window door pewter

Portella Steel Doors and Windows »


Arcadia Custom, Doors & Windows - Associated Building Supply

Arcadia Custom designs and creates fine window and door products for the luxury residential market. Our product quality and innovation incorporate our ever-expanding range of materials, styles and finishes for the design flexibility needed to elevate the possibilities of modern living. Our focus is custom Thermally-broken Steel, Thermally-broken Aluminum and Wood products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on the West coast, Southwest, and East Coast; along with a national network of professional distributors, Arcadia has the resources and capabilities to ensure your project is a success.

The name behind the market’s first residential sliding glass door, “the Arcadia Door”, which ushered in the Californian Modern design era, Arcadia Custom has built a reputation not only for anticipating the needs of America’s homeowners, but for diligently surpassing them at every turn.

Our products are tested and designed with the following associations:

  • Tested in accordance with American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Tested and certified in accordance with The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Program.
  • Comply with the LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system, and contribute to LEED credits for sustainable design, as developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

We offer programs registered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Systems (CES) for continuing professional education credits.

All Weather

All Weather

Service:All Weather Architectural Aluminum was founded in 1969 and remains a family owned and operated commercial window and door manufacturer. Mr. Hank Porter founded All Weather Architectural Aluminum and from the beginning the Porter family emphasized manufacturing quality products and providing superior customer service. For over forty years the ability to create special solutions for difficult projects has always been All Weather’s primary strength. Tools: One aspect to commitment in quality can be found in the equipment we invest in. We operate from two plants located next to each other. Plant #1 measures 52,000 square feet and houses the glass cutting equipment, glass fabrication equipment and a tempering furnace. We process the glass used in our window and door products. This often times allows us quicker lead times and a higher standard of quality for the insulated and tempered glass we provide in our windows and doors. Plant #2 measures 77,000 square feet and is where we manufacture the windows and doors themselves. We are able to roll our strut material together and provide precision pre-fabrication prep with our machinery. Having the machinery to keep these processes in house allows us to control the quality in the product we sell. We continue to invest in quality machinery with this in mind. Environment: Quality surrounds us in our working environment. All Weather currently resides in a state of the art facility in Vacaville, California. We understand the energy and “green” commitment involved during the building process. Lance Porter built our current building with natural day lighting and ventilation throughout, a unique night sky cooling systems to minimize our energy usage, and an overall aesthetically spectacular work environment. At times during the year, we modify our manufacturing schedules to reduce energy consumption and partner with local power providers in their programs. It is a one of a kind manufacturing plant in its design and layout. We believe in creating a quality product, which stems from operating from one. People: The number one ingredient to providing you with a quality product is our personnel. We are driven and motivated to providing excellent customer service. Our outside and inside sales teams have resources at their fingertips to provide you with the information about our products and/or your quote/order. We have 2 engineers on staff constantly thinking of what’s next. Our manufacturing crew pays close attention to detail. Our drivers are professional and courteous and will become a familiar face on multiple deliveries. From order to delivery, your interactions with All Weather will be professional and friendly. Product: The series 3000 and 5000 are two examples of our mnay product lines.

ALL weather CasaOrozco-250x167The Series 3000 projected window is All Weather’s most versatile window system. The 45 degree mitered and welded corners provide weather-tight corners that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Two rows of weather-stripping are used to ensure low air-infiltration and prevent weather penetration. With options including arch-tops, corner windows, true divided lights, and an integral recessed panning frame, the Series 3000 has the design capabilities to make your building stand out. Our series 3000 1 5/8” product line uses 6063 extruded aluminum and are age hardened to a T-6 rating for strength and durability. The series 3000 windows have integral extrusion walls with a nominal web thickness of .125” , and a wall thickness of .094”. The nailing fins will be .050” thick. The material thickness on all wall sections meets or exceeds commercial window standards.

The Series 5000 projected window is All Weather’s most affordable thermally broken product line. Utilizing a pour and de-bridge thermal break, this series provides a cost-effective way to get a thermally efficient glazing product without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. With nail-on, equal leg, comp. channel, and integral recessed panning frame options, this window series has the options to make installation of this product efficient, attractive, and weather-tight. Our Series 5000 2 1/4” product line uses 6063 extruded aluminum and are age hardened to a T-6 rating for strength and durability. The Series 5000 windows have integral extrusion walls with a nominal web thickness of .125” and a wall thickness of .094”. The nailing fins are .062” thick. The material thickness on all wall sections meets or exceeds commercial window standards. ALL Weather Turk-Street-0-250x167The pour and debridge thermal break profiles are extruded as a single extrusion with a cavity for the thermal break material. Once the profile is extruded, the cavity is filled with a two part polyurethane that has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. After the polyurethane has cured, a saw is used to debridge the profile by ripping the aluminum web of the cavity. The profile is now thermally broken providing both improved condensation resistance as well as improved thermal performance.

LaCantina Doors


From the very beginning, LaCantina Doors was and remains today, a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. View Video.

  • EXPERIENCE THE LACANTINA DOORS DIFFERENCE LaCantina Doors is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. Our focus in developing and refining these products has resulted in the most innovative and comprehensive range of folding doors available. Dedicated to creating products that open spaces, we have evolved our product line to include a new class of multi-slide door system and complete range of swing doors. Our products offer the same signature door profiles to provide a perfect match for a complete door package. Architects, homeowners, and builders are now free to innovate their space with the same quality, performance, value and brand promise. 
  • PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is to continually innovate and create quality, value and performance in every product we design. As a result, LaCantina Doors offer the most comprehensive yet distinctive product range of folding, sliding and swing door systems suitable for both commercial and residential applications for the complete matching door package. More importantly, from the moment the first LaCantina Door was made, we recognized that we were building more than just a door; we were offering our customer a lifestyle choice. 
  • MISSION STATEMENT: LaCantina Doors mission is to provide innovative high quality products that are designed to transform our customer’s lifestyle with open spaces. Our product range and customer service are guaranteed and our extensive experience and product knowledge come from our focused manufacturing.

ABSi has successfully represented LaCantina for 7 plus years! We have grown to become one of LaCantina's largest Dealers in the State of California with 100's of systems sold. See the Bluffs Project   and the Alamo Farm House Project as an example. We consider LaCantina an important core vendor and have a rock solid relationship with the principles and management staff. The product quality is superb and ease of installation remarkable. View the Bi-Fold Door Gallery.

LaCantina MG 7099 2

JELD-WEN Windows

Jeld Wen - Associated Building Supply

JELD-WEN is a comprehensive source for reliable wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors. Associated Building Supply is JELDWEN’s number one Window & Door dealer in the State of California. Since 2003 JELD-WEN has marketed its 27 former window and door brands under the JELD-WEN brand, and its reputation for reliable products and customer service is spreading through marketing, advertising and satisfied customers. This is why ABSi has been so loyal and so successful with the brand. While the company looked for new business ventures to advance the company, it also was committed to investing in the local community. JELD-WEN's core values once again align well with ABSi's. In 1969, the JELD-WEN Foundation was established. The JELD-WEN Foundation was and continues to be dedicated to providing financial assistance through grants, scholarships, and matching JELD-WEN employees’ voluntary United Way donations. Today JELD-WEN employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing and distribution locations across the United States and in more than 20 countries. Associated Building Supply Inc. founder Chris Cole and V.P. Scott Thurber once worked for and since has maintained relationships with the JELD-WEN family of employees since the mid 1980's. Our relationships go way back and our strong partnership is a direct result of that. ABSi is loyal to JELD-WEN and in turn they reciprocate.JELDWENcustomwood windows The JELD-WEN CUSTOM line is second to none! ABSi considers the JELD-WEN CUSTOM line to be the best value, best warranty, best flexibility for design, and most reliable product of all National Brands. We have carried other National Brand's over the years, and now only carry the best. As an example, the CUSTOM casement line is built from AuraLast® Wood (Pine) and available in multiple wood species and 41 clad colors.

Custom Capabilities: size, shape, design, finish, texture, wood species, glass, grille designs

  • Color Options: 41 clad exterior colors, copper cladding, 10 wood interior finishes
  • Wood Options: pine, knotty alder, Douglas fir, mahogany, oak, walnut, cherry or custom options
  • Trim Options: exterior clad and wood trim profiles, interior wood trim profiles, distressing options
  • Glass Options: energy efficient, protective, textured, tinted, decorative, acoustic
  • Hardware Options: Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) option available
  • Project Type: new construction, remodel, and replacement
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified Options: yes
  • Sustainable Solutions: AuraLast® Wood (pine) with reduced VOCs is standard. Two wood-source certification options are available on AuraLast® Wood: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®).
  • Warranty: limited 20-years

The JELD-WEN Siteline EX product line utilizing Auralast wood, while not having as many bells & whistles as the CUSTOM line, is a phenomenal line too with a little better price point and plenty of options for most project designs. Built from AuraLast® Wood (Pine) for superior protection against decay and termites. Other species include Alder and Douglas Fir. Other options include 21 clad colors, grilles, and ENERGY STAR®.


  • Custom Capabilities: size, shape, glass, grille design
  • Color Options: 21 clad exterior colors, 7 anodized clad exterior colors, 10 wood interior finishes
  • Wood Options: pine exterior and pine, alder, Douglas fir interior
  • Trim Options: exterior clad and wood trim profiles, interior wood trim profiles
  • Glass Options: energy efficient, protective, textured, tinted, decorative
  • Hardware Options: Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) option available
  • Maintenance Level: moderate
  • Project Type: new construction and replacement
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified Options: yes
  • Sustainable Solutions: AuraLast® Wood (pine) with reduced VOCs is standard. Two wood-source certification options are available on AuraLast® Wood: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®).siteline windows
  • Warranty: limited 20-years

Quantam Windows and Doors

Quantam Windows and Doors

Handcrafting custom architectural wood, clad and steel fenestration for discerning architects, builders and homeowners. From design innovation to fabrication, Quantum takes an amazingly interactive approach to producing some of the best windows and doors in North America.

Who We Are

Quantum is a throwback to a time when people "crafted" products and demonstrated a vested interest in their work. Quantum was founded in 1982 as a response to the industry's demand for better built custom wood windows. Quantum's founders were general contractors dissatisfied with the mass produced windows available.

From humble beginnings in a general contractor's garage Quantum has become a national leader in the custom residential and commercial fenestration industry.

What We Do

As an industry leader, Quantum sets the standard for others in architectural fenestration. Our products appear in award winning, internationally acclaimed projects. Our name has become synonymous with luxury and sustainability.

From design innovation to fabrication, Quantum has developed a national reputation for handcrafting the finest custom architectural windows and doors. Blending contemporary production techniques with intensive hand detailing, Quantum satisfies both industry demands and client vision.

Our Products


  • Signature Series Windows
  • Classic Series Windows
  • Legacy Series Windows
  • Euro Series Windows


  • Hinged & Pivot Doors
  • Lift & Slide Doors
  • Slide & Fold Doors

 Quantam Windows and Doors »

quantam who we are

quantam signature windows

quantam signature windows

quantam landscape performance

quantam lift and slide

quantam lift and slide

quantam legacy

quantam euro style

quantam euro style

quantam clad

quantam commercial

quantam dealer support

quantam what we do

quantam glazing

Quantam Windows and Doors »

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"The Windows and Door experts at Associated Building Supply Inc. do much more for architects than just assist with specifications. Their staff is 100% focused on adding value to your projects and exceeding your clients' expectations. Scott Thurber, Chris Lorber, Dan Lorber and the rest of the staff stay up-to-date with all code changes and requirements--and can be great consultants early in your projects to ensure success in your commercial and residential projects."

Sidney Sweeney
Executive Director  AIA East Bay
A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

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